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News from the Startup interview from 2017 - In the beginning -

Traverse King is the co-founder of Test Heroes Consulting, a South African startup that specializes in testing web and standalone applications to help software development companies improve productivity and minimize business costs. Test Heroes Consulting has positioned itself as the market leader in this field and has already served large international retailers, financial institutions, and media houses. The company is based in Cape Town and is currently self-funded by its founders.

One of the unique selling points of is its innovative approach to helping software companies test and improve their software systems, resulting in greater productivity and minimized costs. The company is passionate about implementing and maintaining open-source test automation frameworks and strives to work smarter and faster by using continuous integration technologies to produce detailed and rapid test results. Test Heroes Consulting works closely with developers to build quality software that caters to business needs.

The ambition of Test Heroes Consulting is to establish a global software testing hub in Cape Town, offering a multi-platform one-stop testing station to software companies globally. The company's rapid growth is a testament to its success, and with the right partnership, this dream could become a reality.

The latest news from Test Heroes Consulting is that the company is working on a new software test engine that will revolutionize the way organizations test software. This new engine promises to improve testing efficiency and accuracy, resulting in even greater productivity and minimized costs for software development companies.

Traverse King and his team at Test Heroes Consulting are passionate about service delivery and helping their clients achieve their business goals. Their expertise in software testing has earned them a reputation as the go-to consultancy for software testing in South Africa and beyond.


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